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  • – For different processes with different dimension stone types in the same machine
    – Usually for large-sized and sensitive parts
    – Various volumes in the range of 20lt – 1250lt
    – Without seperating system
    – Deburring and polishing for all kinds of metal and non-metal materials
    – Suitable for automation system
    – Optional accessories

ZCV Series machines are used for deburring, polishing, roughness removal, oil and rust removal, descaling, colour changing, delustering, aging etc processes for metal or non-metal materials.


The machines in this series are generally suitable for big size and sensitive parts, and the processed parts are collected manually by the staff at the end of the process.


The bowl design is one of the important factors to achieve the desired surface quality in the part by keeping the process time in minimum.


The O-shaped design of the bowl is designed by considering vibration optimization and optimal kneading motion. The bowl is made of special steel and has a tension-free and vibration-resistant welding structure.


The chassis height and springs are ergonomically designed  so that staff can work with high efficiency.


Its resistance against vibrations has been increased; with rigid and reinforced support construction; adjustable insulators flexibly mounted to absorb vibrations are some of the design features of the machine chassis.

Long-lasting special motor series is used which have CE and Ex standards, high performance, cast-bodied, hollow roller bearings and it does not require lubrication.

Inside of the bowl is covered with 90 Shore polyurethane material which is resistant to abrasion. In this way, a long service life is achieved without requiring repair and maintenance.

Makinalarımızda açıp kapatması kolay taş boşaltma bölümü bulunmaktadır.

Our machines have a chip unloading section that is easy to open and close.


Electrical panels with CE Certificate, designed in accordance with EU standards, are used. There are main switch and emergency stop switch. The working time controller and time clock are included in the standard equipment. Three-phase electrical connection is used.

Optionally, dosing pump control, speed control unit, valve control unit etc. can be added to the electrical panel. It can work integrated with automation systems with PLC software


There are clean water inlet and waste water discharge valves. If preferred, standard water valves can be replaced as solenoid valves. In this case, valve on-off control can be done from the electrical panel.

The dosing pump mounted on the machine is installed as standard. The dosing pump automatically sprays the chemicals used in the process in desired periods.


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